Parag Mehta named in Health Care Power 100, NY City and State 2023 list

City & State’s Health Care Power 100 sheds light on the decision-makers in the medical world in New York, including prominent public officials, influential hospital and healthcare executives, heads of other nonprofit providers, union leaders, academics, and an array of advocates and activists who take their case to Albany and at City Hall. The 2023 ranking considers the legislative victories, labor battles, newly launched initiatives, and other noteworthy developments from the past 12 months. The list includes Indian American physician Dr. Parag Mehta.  

Parag Mehta is serving as President of the Medical Society of the State of NY. As President of the Medical Society of the State of NY, he advocates for improving public health and physician well-being and restoring the joy of medicine in New York. He desires NY state to be a better place to practice medicine. NY trains the highest number of physicians, but they leave after their training as NY is at the bottom of the list for practicing medicine. Dr. Parag Mehta is an astute clinician, quintessential educator, motivational mentor, and transformational leader. He has served as an American College of Physicians Governor, Class of 2022 for NY. He is a delegate and member of the International Medical Graduate Council of the American Medical Association. 

He is the Chief Medical Information Officer, interim Chief Medical Officer & Chief Quality Officer at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. He is also an actively practicing internist in Brooklyn and an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Cornell Medicine. 

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