Senator Kamala Harris endorses Nina Ahmad for Pennsylvania Auditor General

California Senator and former candidate for President Kamala Harris endorsed Nina Ahmad, the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania Auditor General. 

Dr. Ahmad, of South Asian ancestry, is the first woman and first person of color to be nominated by the Democratic Party for statewide row office in the history of Pennsylvania. If elected, she will be the first person of color to ever serve in a statewide row office. 

“Nina Ahmad’s journey from a war-torn country to the United States, her steadfast determination, her hard work to become a scientist, and her perseverance is a clear demonstration of the many ways that immigrants enrich our nation.  Her work on human rights, civil rights, and women’s rights are an important part of her tireless leadership and ability to get the job done for the people of Pennsylvania.  I am excited to endorse Nina for Auditor General and look forward to working with her whenever possible to better Pennsylvania and our country,” said Senator Harris. 

“I am so proud to be endorsed by this incredible trail blazing woman! I’ve admired Senator Harris’s grit and passion for public service for a long time. She has been at the forefront of so many important battles on behalf of families in California and across the nation. I hope to serve the people of my state as effectively as Senator Harris has served her state and the country,” said Nina.

Image courtesy of Oltnews

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