TSAT columnist Dr.Akshat Jain selected for Royal British Medical award

New York: Pediatric hematologist-oncologist Dr Akshat Jain, who is also a The South Asian Times (TSAT) columnist has been named among the latest group of Fellows of The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.  

The Royal British Medical award is very selective and inducts only a few physicians per year.

“It’s one of the oldest and most prestigious medical societies in the world, so clearly being in the United States, and getting this overseas honor based on contributions to science and original research in cancer care and blood disorders is a powerful validation. Very thankful to my parents, teachers and patients,” says Dr.Jain.

Dr. Jain is the director of the Inherited Bleeding Disorders and Hemoglobinopathy Program in the faculty department of pediatrics and clinical medicine; also a faculty member of pediatric hematology oncology; and an assistant professor of public health at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and the LLU Children’s Hospital in California.

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